Pervert Penguins save the planet

There are some amazing stories around and some that just make you laugh. None more than the case of the two environmental campaigners who dressed up as penguins and were seen as being potential paedophiles.

If you thought they were nuts, meet Telford Council!
This story comes straight out of the ‘Barmy Britain’ category. Telford & Wrekin Council have managed to reinforce the idea that people who become councillors are probably the last people on the earth who should be councillors. And certainly not let near children! They obviously have little else to do than panic.

Having been reading too many stories about Gary Glitter in the News of the World, they fear that Telford’s children are being preyed upon by dirty old men, so they have started targeting any single men in the local parks. They claim they are trying to prevent paedophiles and perverts preying on kids and womenn. No doubt they’ll also evict Arabs and muslims (who may be terrorists), anyone with a hood (could be a mugger) or any large red people with horns (could be Hellboy).

So when Rachel Whittaker and her friend (note, not a man) were spotted dressed in penguin suits giving out leaflets to educate kids about climate change, a pair of fascist park keepers moved in and moved them on. Not surprisingly, the penguins got the last laugh with lots of publicity, meanwhile Telford got egg on their face.

For great fun in the ethical arena pop The Gruen Transfer into YouTube and enjoy. You find some great ads promoting child labour and the benefits of global warming. Yes, that’s right. The former ads points out that kids in the third world earn money, learn about responsibility and the value of work young. Stay health and learn skills. By contrast, kids in the West are spoilt, get fat, watch TV all day and corrupt their minds with violent video games. They have a point.

Global warming is helping people who live on the streets. So every time you drive you car you can feel good that you’re helping people not freeze in winter.
There are a few of many very funny ads from this Australian TV programme The Gruen Transfer that likes to take the mick out of advertising, the world and especially New Zealand – “lets invade New Zealand” is the cry of one ad. They especially like to tackle subjects that others wouldn’t dare.
And finally, take a trip to the world of SPAM “it’s a big world out there, and it’s full of meat.” What a great slogan It may not be organic or vegetarian, but the US site is kitsch to the point of art.

There’s even a museum “sure beats an art museum and it’s free”. Or check out the merchandise – SPAM costumes, boxer shirts, ties and everything you could want for Christmas presents. You can even join their fan club.
We once set SPAM as a brief for a D&AD workshop – after all, who better to sell it to than students – they’ll eat anything. The best lines were “All meat no greens” and “If you want greens, leave it out on a plate for a week.”. Nothing like truth in advertising.