Check out Google today

What a brilliant visualisation of the logo. The best yet.

While so many brands are stuffy about their logos and actually think messing with it will open the door to others messing with it (never let lawyers have a voice in your corporation) Google likes to have fun. No wonder they are so successful.

About time more brands stopped being so anal and let themselves go.I think we must be at the bottom of the HOW BLAND AND BORING CAN BRANDS BE curve.

Many years ago I worked on Ford and presented a headline ‘ONE FOUR LETTER WORD MOTORISTS SWEAR BY’. Boy did we get a bad reaction. Client freaked. My only thought at the time was “get a life, it’s only advertising”.

Think I’ll make that the title of my next book.

  • Paul Keers

    I’m staggered that you can write a feature about branded content without mentioning customer magazines, one of THE most prominent and successful forms of branded content over the last 25 years, and one whose practitioners have now made the transition into online content in the digital age.

  • Dave Chaffey

    Agree with Paul that magazines still have a big role – ASOS are an obvious successful example of making the transition to digital.

    There are so many options for branded digital utilities too, especially Apps – the Canon Sponsorship of the Guardian Eyewitness images is a nice fit there. It would be good to see more studies on how you evaluate the ROI of these.

    Dave Chaffey,

  • Sila Hilal

    I totally agree with this observation!! I guess they think that marketing is celebrity endorsement! Just pay loads of money and it will actually bring more customers.. No brand personality at all!

    And, in the meantime, they boost the ticket prices to be able to afford this strategy!

    I love the service of Turkish Airlines, they have the best economy class standards! But they seriously need to take a look at their brand strategy…