Green Awards

Yet another great night for the Green Awards, which seems to go from strength to strength year after year. This year they abandoned the old sit down for a more freestyle networking evening – brilliant! I so hate those stuffy dos where you sit at the Grosvenor eating crap food and drinking bad wine.

Despite a recession, green marketing is growing. More and more companies are waking up to  a simple fact that consumers are looking at your ethical credentials. But a bit of advice, it’s not all green they are looking for.

One thing that separates the Green Awards from others is the community feeling. We are all part of an eco-ethical group so talking to anyone is easy and there’s no resentment when someone wins, everyone rejoices – unlike many ad awards! I managed to walk up to Jonathan Porrit and had an illuminating chat. He previously mocked the Act on CO2 climate change ads featuring a dad reading his kid a scary story. JP obviously has little time for government green propaganda. I agree, the last thing we want is a nanny state deciding what’s green and ethical and then spending tax payers money on party politics

Great venue, St Luke’s church near Old Street.  Sampled  some great food and binged on RDA soft drinks with a chaser from an interesting French Fairtrade Vodka called FAIR (check it out online).

I won’t announce the winners as I’ll leave that to the professional journalists, but there was some great work up there.

Did I win anything? Alas, I didn’t enter but next year I’ll be in there next year.