20b Tweets, Deli Police use Facebook to book bad drivers and Android tops Apple.

In March the micro blogging site Twitter reached its 10 billionth Tweet after just 4 years. Just 4 months later it has hit its 20 billionth Tweet (according to tracking service GigaTweet). Sad I know, though I imagine many middle aged brands trying to look cool with a pointless Twitter added to that number.

That milestone tweet read, “So that means the barrage might come back later all at once.” You somehow wish it was more quotable, though I bet many brands would have paid a small fortune to be mentioned in that one, for example, “So that means the Barclay’s bikes might come back later all at once.”

But the shocker, besides so many people have such dull lives they send and read Tweets, is that they’ve not made a single dollar. And it’s not looking likely in the short term that they can.

Talking to my daughter’s friends, not one follows Tweets any more, they saw it as a passing fad.

Twitter can’t share data because they decided to be moral and committed to privacy settings at the start. Good on them I say. Too late to charge so the only option are ads. That should soon reduce the number of Tweets.

However, no doubt some big company will pay millions for it anyway.


By contrast Digg, the social bookmarking site, has been watching a decline in users so with founder Kevin Rose taking over as CEO, they are relaunching with a new Digg and are claiming to offer a more Twitter like experience, whatever that really is? You can get a taste of the new site here.


In India Facebook users are shopping bad drivers in Deli by placing pictures on a Facbook group, Delhi Traffic Police. Over 3,000 have been posted to date.

Due to a lack of traffic policemen, drivers have turned to social networking to help support them (there’s just 5,000 for 12 million people). The Police have issued over 600 tickets based on photographs of license plates. Have a look here.


For those who think owning an iPhone is unique, think again. New data from Nielsen claims that smart phones using Google’s Android operating system outsold Apple’s iOS in the first half of 2010 by a margin of 27% to 23%. That should worry Steve Jobs. Is the Apple bubble about to burst?

And finally, check out , http://mashable.com/, and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgo9VXY8PCc

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