Google bans green ads.

The American Green Party have decided to run a TV ad to win support for their president Jill Stein, who the Green’s hope could be the first green US president. Well you have to believe, don’t you.

Sixty two year old physician Stein is currently Governor of Massachusetts.

Google, who act as a broker for placement of national satellite and cable television ad placements, have banned their ads, claiming it’s because of “inappropriate language”, despite the ads meeting the FCC regulations.

However, Google have entered into a political storm because they seem to be breaking the law as US federal law prohibits broadcasters from censoring ads submitted by candidates for public office. So is Google playing party politics or just over reacting?

The problem is with the bleeping out of the word “bulls***” when referring to the claims of other candidates from other parties. Hardly controversial, it’s not like you hear the word.

Talking of politicians talking bull, Stein opens with the line, “Green Party president means an end to unemployment, to foreclosure, to student debts, to climate change…” And later claims “green means a guaranteed job for every Americans.” Wow, even God would have a challenge delivering that number of claims.

The ad is very American and pretty dreadful, which is possibly a better reason to ban it.

After a lot of protests, Google had to finally back down and allow the ads to run. God help them if she does become US president!

See it on YouTube and cringe.