Monthly Archives: October 2012

BBC’s Unsafe Sex in the City – you can’t script stuff like this.

Last night’s first episode of BBC’s fly on the wall documentary about Manchester’s irresponsible youth was both compelling viewing and shocking. As they say, you can’t script stuff like this.

Google share price slumps as advertising revenues fall.

Both Google and Facebook have faced major share price slumps due to falling advertising revenues. Meanwhile big brands are increasing spend on Big Media (TV and outdoor).

Has Wonga split Newcastle United?

This week’s announcement that Wonga is to sponsor the Newcastle United has NOT gone down well with fans, politicians, muslims or players. Even if the deal is worth £8 million, many are questioning the ethics of pay day loan companies. and where the money comes from.

How to make food waste fashionable

Recycling materials into fashion has become a big trend. London designer Hoyan Ip has created ‘Bio-trimmings’, a range of buttons and buckles made from waste food.

Oxfam’s new campaign highlights the effects of corporate sociopaths.

Where there’s poverty there’s brass… and a corporate sociopath! Food poverty is getting worse, and as Oxfam pointed out this week, as part of their food poverty campaign, some financial institutes are literally making money out of poverty.

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