Monthly Archives: November 2012

Should the Queen dump Fortnum & Mason over Foie Gras?

Caroline Lucas, a Green MP, has accused Fortnum & Mason of poor ethics by touting the prestigious royal warrants while promoting the luxury unethical foie gras paté to its customers. She wants their royal warrant removed.

Africa turns the tables on Europeans and sends radiators to Norway.

When a group of African’s, shocked by how cold Norwegian’s were, launched Radi-Aid (Africa for Norway) they had little idea how viral it would go. Over a million YouTube hits, over 10,000 Facebook Likes and loads of publicity. Only thing is, it’s a spoof that set out to make a social point.

Forget Angry Birds, watch out for angry chicken.

’s a strange idea but one that can almost be plausible – angry chicken.

The idea is simple. Battery chickens suffer, which means they die angry. Their anger is transferred to the meat as a form of karma and when you eat the meat you get angry.