Forget Angry Birds, watch out for angry chicken.

It’s a strange idea but one that can almost be plausible – angry chicken.

The idea is simple. Battery chickens suffer, which means they die angry. Their anger is transferred to the meat as a form of karma and when you eat the meat… you got it… you get angry. So a late night trip to your local fried chicken shop could leave you feeling less than happy.

Just hope the chicken wasn’t a psycho chicken!  (Which was also a great spoof track by the parody band The Fools, based on Talking Head’s Psycho Killer.)

Pigs, cows, lamb, fish – they are all potential carries of bad karma. Which leaves you asking the question, do root vegetables feel anything when they are ruthlessly pulled from the ground? Will the next crisp I eat leave me feeling a little unsettled?

Actually, the concept of angry chicken isn’t as bonkers as it seems, or as bonkers as some of the vegetarians preaching it. After all, we have different chemical balances for different moods, so if any creature dies with a negative biological balance, then maybe by eating them we absorb those chemicals that then make us feel as they did. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

As more and more consumers reject processed, artificial foods and move more towards natural, pure, additive free foods what are the chances they will start buying good karma food?

Well they already are – Happy Eggs may be an obvious marketing ploy to us but to the consumer it’s all about happy little chickens laying happy good karma eggs. Personally I take my hat off to Noble Foods for a brilliant piece of branding.

Meanwhile this weekend, I’ll be testing my organic, free range vegetarian burgers to see if they leave me feeling free and natural.