Don’t Blame Facebook

Last night’s Channel 4 programme, ‘Don’t Blame Facebook’, on the downside of social media was both amusing and shocking – shocking in just how stupid most people on the programme were.

It featured the usual stories of naïve idiots or reckless fools who film themselves breaking the law and then getting arrested by the cops. D’oh!

For some, the publicity gives them a kind of street status, and of course the chance to talk on national TV (though few of them had even a few intelligent words to say). Most claim regret and advise others to be more careful, but underneath you can tell they all love the attention.

There was the couple who splashed a line of kids at a bus stop by driving through a big puddle at high speed and then posted a film of it on YouTube under their own names! And they wondered how the police caught them?

The friends who told everyone their mate was dead – his mum was notamused! “We were only having fun,” is the plea of most of them.

Or the model who was surprised when her almost naked images went viral – like she wasn’t praying for it to happen. Alas the worldwide publicity  cost her her York City Beauty Queen crown – it’s tough trying not to be a celebrity.

The Asda employee who was surprised he was going to get sacked for taking dodgy photos of himself in the storeroom. Imaginative though!

Plus the friends arrested on terror charges at LA airport after one of them Tweeted they were going to “destroy America” – well proves the ‘Twit” in Twitter has meaning.

The McDonald’s employee who got jailed after hacking a superstar’s Facebook page and the woman arrested in her pyjamas after police burst into her home investigating claims she was harassing a celebrity.

Then there were the stories of the parties organised via Facebook that became public – in one case over 1500 gate crashers turned up.

And finally, the guy who came home to find a stranger in his bed… a lesson in not telling everyone everything about you.

It all makes for amusing stories and proves stupidity is hard to hide when they have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social media site available to them. It also proves that what spreads is bad things, stupid things but rarely things of positive value.

Of course the real shocker is that a gormless 16 year old shelf stacker from Preston stands more chance of having a hit by showing his bottom in the store room of Asda than a well planned social media brand campaign for Asda from Soho.



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