Is Ryanair’s new fund raising calendar bad taste?

I was waiting in the queue at the airport, on my way to Dublin, when a lady dressed in a blue Ryanair outfit asked me if I wanted to their 2014 calendar.

“Just 10 euros and it’s all for a good cause, the Teenage Cancer Trust.”


As I instinctively put my hand towards my wallet, I suddenly stopped…. “Seriously?”  I exclaimed, “a babe calendar! No thanks.”

The hostess didn’t seem surprised. I asked her if she’d sold many. “None today,” she replied, “you can’t sell them to families, especially with kids and even business men think it’s a little too tacky. I did sell one yesterday to a young geek coming back from a stag weekend, but I think he was still drunk.”

She explained that she wasn’t happy selling the calendars as she though it was demeaning to women, “It’s a bit cheap,“ she remarked, “some people may see it as a fun but I think it devalues us, but they told us we have to sell it so I have no choice.”

The calendar features 12 Ryanair hostesses in swimwear. Sexy? Maybe to a 14 year old. Tacky? Very, unless you are a Sun reader. It was obviously the idea of a bloke, that’s for sure, and knowing Ryanair, the staff probably paid for their own swimsuits.

It seemed a bit down market to be raising funds for Teenage Cancer Trust, a good cause, but I felt it’s subject matter was probably doing less than more. It seemed more of a cheap gimmick than a well thought our marketing idea. But then coming form Ryanair, hardly surprising.

I finally gave her €10 and told here to keep the calendar.


    And this Year’s Black Hood goes to…we don’t even want to know.