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Are late payments smart accountancy or bad ethics?


Clients are “unfair and greedy” in their approach to paying agencies, according to the MAA (Marketing Agencies Association).

I think few agencies would disagree with that.

However, few CFOs’ seem to get it.

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Taking the pizza by taking a slice of tips.

The Unite union are angry that Pizza Express have been taking 8% off tips for there staff. In an age when consumers are more conscious of the how big brands treat their staff, and avoid abusers, this is dumb.

Ikea goes greener by buying its own forests.


It’s a simple idea, if you want to control every aspect of your green credentials, when it comes to wood, then buy a forest.

Ikea have been very vocal about their commitment to sustainable and low-cost production, so it’s no surprise they have purchased woodland in Romania – 33,600 hectares – and the Baltics to coordinate there own forestry management and wood production.

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The Ethics of Pitching

The MAA (Marketing Agencies Association) are taking the lead among trade bodies and demanding fairer pitches. The MAA has to be admired that it really does take the bull by the horns and isn’t afraid to take on the big brands.