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All you need to know about ad blockers, the death of digital ads and the end of clickbait sites.

As part of a series on the Future of Advertising, Chris Arnold has gone through over 100 articles, blogs, reports, comments and research on ad blockers – now used by over 198 million people and growing over 41% YoY – to bring you a definitive summation of the crisis that is hitting digital advertising like a tidal wave and what it means for brands, publishers and agencies.

Should Facebook be more honest?

Does Facebook LIKES mean anything at all? With consumers using Facebook to complain, maybe it’s time Facebook introduced a dislike button.

What are the ads Mumsnet like the most and the least?

Mumsnet recently carried out a survey of its members about good and bad ads for the DMA’s ‘Why Women Shop on Venus & Men Shop on Mars’ conference. What came top was cute, but what came in at the bottom is a warning to any brand manager targeting women shoppers. Beware, your next big campaign may put more women off than turn them on.