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The ‘Big Idea’, ‘Originality’, ‘Engagement’, ‘Content’, ‘Storytelling’, ‘Selfies’ are just a few words, that some may argue, enslave our thinking. Do they help us be better marketers or do they restrict us? And do we even understand the meanings?

Why we need to reinvent the ad business and discover the art of advertainment.

If Walt Disney ran an ad agency, how much more successful would it have been than Leo Burnett, JWT, O&M or Saatchi’s? Why do consumer love entertainment and pay for it but hate ads? If we set out to create ads that entertained and they’d wanted to buy, how different would that be

Insights from Cannes – the joy of advertising.

The 5 smart ways of marketing success we can learn from Dumb Ways to Die. It’s a brilliant example of ‘Advertainment’ and total integration. Unlike some campaigns that win creative awards, this one has entered the hall of fame as a hard working marketing campaign too. Not only has it reduced deaths and accidents by 20%, but it’s the most viewed campaign globally of all time!

If the world doesn’t end this Friday, here’s a few tips for 2013.

Everyone’s got a prediction or two (or 13) for 2013. Of course if the Mayans are right we won’t make it to Christmas, but assuming they are wrong here’s my few.

Want people to talk about your brand? Welcome to ‘Advertainment’.

Social Media may be top of most clients list but the word every client needs to put on your checklist for 2013 is ‘Advertainment’. Does your ad (in whatever format it is in, a 30 sec TV commercial or a 3 min online film) entertain? If not, you’re wasting good budget. Here’s the three tips to success.

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