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All you need to know about ad blockers, the death of digital ads and the end of clickbait sites.

As part of a series on the Future of Advertising, Chris Arnold has gone through over 100 articles, blogs, reports, comments and research on ad blockers – now used by over 198 million people and growing over 41% YoY – to bring you a definitive summation of the crisis that is hitting digital advertising like a tidal wave and what it means for brands, publishers and agencies.

The new iPhone – No NFC… no comment!

The new iPhone, is now a starting to be defined by what it doesn’t have, most noticeable NFC which is present in 90% of all other smartphones, meaning iPhone users are going to miss out on the new marketing revolution.

In marketing forget green, think red.

Red is one of the most popular colours for logos (Argos, Nike, Illy, Brand Republic) and often used in advertising to draw the eye – how great would those Economist ads be if they’d used pink or purple?

New EIRIS survey gives UK companies the ethical thumbs up.

EIRIS (Ethical Investment Research Service) is a leading global provider of independent investment research into the environmental, social, governance and ethical performance of companies. Its recent survey is good news for a number of UK companies.

Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s Ergopsychonomics.

The ‘4th element’, technology, has transformed the marketing industry. It has given us another dimension to play with. But, putting digital aside (as that’s now old news) technology is now the key element we need to understand in 2012.

The buzz word of the moment is ‘ergopsychonomics’ – a mash up of ergonomics (how people interact with objects) with psychology, because much of what makes technology a hit or miss is more about how it interacts and engages our minds than anything else, the psychology of consumerism. Read more on Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s Ergopsychonomics….

Steve Jobs dies

I’m sure everyone who values creativity and innovation will be saddened by the news that Steve Jobs has died. His vision and approached made Apple a world leader. He was one of the ‘crazy ones’. But he made a difference, because like the slogan Apple used for many years, he did THINK DIFFERENT.

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Welcome to the web world of Brand Terrorism.

I think most of
us consumers welcome the new regulations laid down by the ASA over web
advertising. Alas, it’s not really the ads that concern me. In fact looking at
statistics, unlike TV ads that we do notice, web ads are largely ignore. Their
response rates are so rubbish you have to wonder why some clients put so much
faith in them.

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