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66% of 37% of numbers are made up by 45% of people who have a 93% chance of getting away with it.

It always amazes me our obsession with numbers, especially for a creative industry that knows that consumers are emotional creatures who don’t buy based on rational numbers.

Great minds think alike – the secret of why top brands sell.

John Hegarty and Martin Sorrell have both upset those with different beliefs. But instead of debating the rights and wrongs of Twitter and data, maybe we can learn from what big brands are doing right and refocus on good old selling.

Predicting consumer behaviour – Data vs Psychology – the survey results.

While the media maybe championing data as the answer to the great mystery of understanding consumer behavior, our recent survey reveals many clients think psychology offers better insight and value than data. Of course, together they make a great pair.

Does data really give us the whole picture?

Does hard data really tell us how consumers behave? And why? Can it predict how to make your ads more effective? Or can it actually give us the wrong message?

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