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Ikea goes greener by buying its own forests.


It’s a simple idea, if you want to control every aspect of your green credentials, when it comes to wood, then buy a forest.

Ikea have been very vocal about their commitment to sustainable and low-cost production, so it’s no surprise they have purchased woodland in Romania – 33,600 hectares – and the Baltics to coordinate there own forestry management and wood production.

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Why is red the colour of Christmas?

Red is one of the most eye grabbing colours and has become not only the colour of Christmas but the colour favoured by many brands.

In marketing forget green, think red.

Red is one of the most popular colours for logos (Argos, Nike, Illy, Brand Republic) and often used in advertising to draw the eye – how great would those Economist ads be if they’d used pink or purple?

10 Social Media Mistakes Brands Can Easily Make.

This isn’t the 10 tips to get it right but the 10 mistakes you can make as a brand. No doubt very debatable, and we’d all agree that if you hire top people/agencies you’ll not make these. But how often do companies opt for the wrong people? The problem is that every brand manager thinks they have to be in the Social Media space so rushes in and can easily get taken for a ride. However, the bigger brands now do know their stuff, so make less mistakes. But it’s still an over hyped area of marketing with few solid rules and a lot of unpredictability.