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Insights from Cannes – Do we ask the question WHY enough?

Cannes was full of lots of great debates, insights and good stuff generally – and some inspiring creativity. But it’s also about good business and how great thinking is helping global brands perform better. In the pursuit of greater success, before we are sold the next big thing, we should pause and ask those key questions…

Insights from Cannes – The future of advertising.

You can’t have a world festival of advertising without the inevitable discussion about where the hell the industry is going. There are many opinions and from many experts. Here’s a few…

Insights from Cannes – the joy of advertising.

The 5 smart ways of marketing success we can learn from Dumb Ways to Die. It’s a brilliant example of ‘Advertainment’ and total integration. Unlike some campaigns that win creative awards, this one has entered the hall of fame as a hard working marketing campaign too. Not only has it reduced deaths and accidents by 20%, but it’s the most viewed campaign globally of all time!

Insights from Cannes – why fun creativity is the best way to sell ethics

Having chaired a day at Cannes on ethics and creativity, this year’s big winner, Dumb Ways to Die, proves what all the speakers were saying – that fun creativity delivers the message much better than serious or shocking.

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