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Why is red the colour of Christmas?

Red is one of the most eye grabbing colours and has become not only the colour of Christmas but the colour favoured by many brands.

In marketing forget green, think red.

Red is one of the most popular colours for logos (Argos, Nike, Illy, Brand Republic) and often used in advertising to draw the eye – how great would those Economist ads be if they’d used pink or purple?

Just how ethical are the 2012 Olympics?

It’s not really fair trade and it’s not as green as promised. Worse, LOCOG have proven itself to be exploitative and totally out of touch with today’s ethical consumer.

Could rising sugar prices be good for our health?

When it comes to ethics in the food business obesity is top of the agenda. But despite our ever rising obesity levels in the UK many food brands have done little to really tackle the issue. However, it seems economics is doing the work instead.

Big brands get responsible and sign up to calorie reductions.

As part of the government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal, seventeen companies, from snack foods to fast foods to soft drinks, have committed to reducing calories. More than three-quarters of the retail market have signed up….

Back off Santa! Shoppers say NO to Christmas ads

“No-no-no!” Christmas in October is a no no.

Before you launch your new Christmas themed TV ad you may want to pause a moment and ask if you are doing more harm than good for your brand?

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