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Are late payments smart accountancy or bad ethics?


Clients are “unfair and greedy” in their approach to paying agencies, according to the MAA (Marketing Agencies Association).

I think few agencies would disagree with that.

However, few CFOs’ seem to get it.

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Taking the pizza by taking a slice of tips.

The Unite union are angry that Pizza Express have been taking 8% off tips for there staff. In an age when consumers are more conscious of the how big brands treat their staff, and avoid abusers, this is dumb.

Putting the heart back into business

Heart in Business is a new initiative launched by Andrew Thornton. The philosophy behind the Heart in Business programme is a move away from the current corporate mindset, which puts quarterly profit above everything else, to putting as much value on people, community, environment and real values.

In the Christmas ad war, as British retailers slug it out against German retailers Aldi and Lidl, has Sainsbury’s scored an own goal?

The new Sainsbury’s TV Xmas ad has split the nation. Beautifully shot, it’s a film not an ad. Some love it others think it’s exploiting the Great War just so out ego John Lewis. It’s had lots of complaints including people boycotting the supermarket. Is it a masterpiece or an own goal?

Is gluten-free just a trend or a real health issue?

This week it was announced that more and more retailers are stocking gluten-free products. Asda has promised to stock at least 8 core gluten-free products in all stores. But is it really because gluten-free has become one of the biggest fads of the last decade?