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Stark raving mad – why being dishonest cost a brand millions.

Can you really trust what you eat? With a big demand for ethical and quality foods conmen are targeting consumer big time. Ironically, a brand that could now be worth millions got greedy and blew it all. Here’s their story…

Insights from Cannes – the joy of advertising.

The 5 smart ways of marketing success we can learn from Dumb Ways to Die. It’s a brilliant example of ‘Advertainment’ and total integration. Unlike some campaigns that win creative awards, this one has entered the hall of fame as a hard working marketing campaign too. Not only has it reduced deaths and accidents by 20%, but it’s the most viewed campaign globally of all time!

Insights from Cannes – why fun creativity is the best way to sell ethics

Having chaired a day at Cannes on ethics and creativity, this year’s big winner, Dumb Ways to Die, proves what all the speakers were saying – that fun creativity delivers the message much better than serious or shocking.

Observer Ethical Awards – Joanna Lumley & Lenny Henry wins the public vote. But mine goes to Unseen Tours.

This year’s Observer Ethical Awards were as ever inspiring. Proving that real good is being done not by the big brands but the small ones.

Is marketing a science, an art or a faith?

What do you believe in? God, football, politics, vegetarianism, ethics… don’t say you don’t, we are all hard wired to believe in things. The trouble is, sometimes those beliefs deserve a little more open mindedness.

Saving a life an hour, now that’s what I call CSR.

Every day 200 kids die due to dirty water. P&G and Asda are running the campaign across all 1,200 SKUs (including Pampers, Arial, Oral B, Gillette, Pantene) and are pledging to provide purifying equipment that will produce 2 litres of clean water for each product sold. Their aim is save a life an hour.

Forget religion, could brands be the new champions of social values?

Who is responsible for the values of our society? For teaching us what matters, what is right and wrong and the degrees between? Could it be brands that take over that role in the future? Or are they in fact doing it now?

Tony the Tiger (1951-2013) becomes a victim of ethical consumerism.

He’s been around for over 60 years selling one of Kellogg’s classic brands but times have changed and Frosties hasn’t. With such a high sugar level, 37%, it has become unacceptable as a breakfast cereal for families and a target for campaigners against sugary foods.

Think horse meat in Tesco burgers is bad, try these… human meat sausages.

The ethics of food has been high up the agenda for a long while, and even though press coverage of incidents like this raises the awareness, it actually distracts from the bigger ethical issues that they are less interested in reporting.

Should the Queen dump Fortnum & Mason over Foie Gras?

Caroline Lucas, a Green MP, has accused Fortnum & Mason of poor ethics by touting the prestigious royal warrants while promoting the luxury unethical foie gras paté to its customers. She wants their royal warrant removed.

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