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Will the Facebook ‘Buy Button’ infringe our privacy even more?

It’s a smart idea, even if a few years too late, but Facebook’s new Buy Button could be a great move, for the brand. Or another disaster.

Facebook Buy Button2

It’s currently being piloted in the US and allows brands to post ads on Facebook newsfeed with direct links to purchase. It relies on impulse purchasing, which if well targeted could be successful. If used in a random way, which despite all the data, many ads I see on Facebook are, it will probably disappoint.

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Justin Bieber’s faked up Twitter fans raises questions about Fakebook too.

The revelation that half of Bieber’s 37m Twitter fans are fakes comes as no surprise to many of us. We’ve all known for a long time you can buy fake Twitter and Facebook fans. The question is, how many brands are doing the same?

Predicting consumer behaviour – Data vs Psychology – the survey results.

While the media maybe championing data as the answer to the great mystery of understanding consumer behavior, our recent survey reveals many clients think psychology offers better insight and value than data. Of course, together they make a great pair.

Google share price slumps as advertising revenues fall.

Both Google and Facebook have faced major share price slumps due to falling advertising revenues. Meanwhile big brands are increasing spend on Big Media (TV and outdoor).

Let’s face it, Facebook is f…..ed!

They say that a man’s downfall is either the love of women, money or power. Well Facebook had lots of power but it was the money that is its current downfall. Its share price has halved after the market has woken up to a simple fact – they over claimed their future advertising revenue. So is Facebook finished?

Tweet this and you may be surprised what kind of social media animal you are.


Social media as a phenomenon is successful because it satisfies a few basic human needs. We are all programmed to connect, to gossip, to show off our status to the pack and to want to know what everyone else is doing.

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Do you fancy a share of Facebook? General Motors certainly don’t.

Currently, the world’s largest social network started trading on the Nasdaq last week. With over 900 million users you can see the temptation. Did you buy shares? And if so, why?

Putting all your eggs in a Facebook basket. Modern thinking or madness?

With just 13,000 Facebook fans against millions of TV viewers, why would you gamble a new product launch just on a Facebook campaign?

Should Facebook be more honest?

Does Facebook LIKES mean anything at all? With consumers using Facebook to complain, maybe it’s time Facebook introduced a dislike button.

There’s something fishy at Pret and Facebook faces the music.

Pret’s claim that its sushi is fresh has been exposed as
untrue by the Telegraph.
Seems it’s flown in from Chile, 7000 miles away. Under
regulations, they can de-freeze it and repackage it and call it fresh which
make s a mockery of the term fresh. For a brand that relies on its values,
fresh food everyday, this will do a lot of damage to consumer trust.

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