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All you need to know about ad blockers, the death of digital ads and the end of clickbait sites.

As part of a series on the Future of Advertising, Chris Arnold has gone through over 100 articles, blogs, reports, comments and research on ad blockers – now used by over 198 million people and growing over 41% YoY – to bring you a definitive summation of the crisis that is hitting digital advertising like a tidal wave and what it means for brands, publishers and agencies.

Google bans green ads.

Google has entered a political storm by banning US president candidate Jill Stein’s ad campaign for the Green Party.

New EIRIS survey gives UK companies the ethical thumbs up.

EIRIS (Ethical Investment Research Service) is a leading global provider of independent investment research into the environmental, social, governance and ethical performance of companies. Its recent survey is good news for a number of UK companies.

Check out Google today

What a brilliant visualisation of the logo. The best yet.

While so many brands are stuffy about their logos and actually think messing with it will open the door to others messing with it (never let lawyers have a voice in your corporation) Google likes to have fun. No wonder they are so successful.

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