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Want people to talk about your brand? Welcome to ‘Advertainment’.

Social Media may be top of most clients list but the word every client needs to put on your checklist for 2013 is ‘Advertainment’. Does your ad (in whatever format it is in, a 30 sec TV commercial or a 3 min online film) entertain? If not, you’re wasting good budget. Here’s the three tips to success.

Social media and ethics: Why is Mumsnet boycotting Nestlé?

With over a million members few brands can doubt the influence of Mumsnet. And when they decide to ask their members to boycott a product or brand, that’s a dangerous place to be for any company, especially Nestlé given their range of products are mainly bought by women. Especially serious as women are responsible for up to 85% of all consumer purchases and Mumsnet has over a million users with an estimated influence over 10 million through word of mouth alone.

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