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Why Martin Sorrell is right to be worried about extended payment terms.

It probably went unnoticed by most people at Cannes, but an interview with Martin Sorrell where he said, “We aren’t banks”, highlighted a problem that could dramatically change the ad industry and affect its suppliers, resulting in job losses – the unethical practice of extended payment periods

Great minds think alike – the secret of why top brands sell.

John Hegarty and Martin Sorrell have both upset those with different beliefs. But instead of debating the rights and wrongs of Twitter and data, maybe we can learn from what big brands are doing right and refocus on good old selling.

The ultimate D&AD award – for helping to bring peace to the world.

No matter how big the award, it’s the ones for work that also does good that makes many of us feel fulfilled. Be honest, would you rather get a gold pencil for a toothpaste brand or for a good cause? So check out the D&AD White Pencil award.

Is the ad industry about to sink without trace?

Will WPP collapse like a stack of cards? Will the industry fall and rise like a phoenix? Or will it muddle through? Has the industry lost its values and value to clients in the pursuit of shareholder value? These were just some of the discussions I’ve had over three amazing days spent on the Aurora boat at the Marketing Forum.

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