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WIMA 2014, from iBeacons to NFC, what brands need to know to keep up with proximity marketing technology.

Having recently got back from Monte Carlo, where I was speaking on Proximity Mobile Marketing at the WIMA conference, I return a lot more enlightened about new developments in the world of proximity technologies like NFC, iBeacons (BLE) and many others. Here’s the top line…

Think horse meat in Tesco burgers is bad, try these… human meat sausages.

The ethics of food has been high up the agenda for a long while, and even though press coverage of incidents like this raises the awareness, it actually distracts from the bigger ethical issues that they are less interested in reporting.

Why is red the colour of Christmas?

Red is one of the most eye grabbing colours and has become not only the colour of Christmas but the colour favoured by many brands.

In marketing forget green, think red.

Red is one of the most popular colours for logos (Argos, Nike, Illy, Brand Republic) and often used in advertising to draw the eye – how great would those Economist ads be if they’d used pink or purple?

Just how ethical are the 2012 Olympics?

It’s not really fair trade and it’s not as green as promised. Worse, LOCOG have proven itself to be exploitative and totally out of touch with today’s ethical consumer.

Starbucks logo gets greener as does McDonald’s.

Starbucks logo gets greener as does McDonald’s. Love them or hate them, actually most of us love them both, these two giants brands are getting greener by the year. Me, I’m a big fan.

Learn to earn, the big debate.

Former M&S boss, Sir Stuart Rose, has been at the centre of a debate between a scheme to help young people into the workplace and a left wing group ‘Right to Work,’ who are complaining that big businesses offer to try and reduce unemployment is ‘slave labour.’ It’s a highly controversial subject….

Does MacDonald’s advertising corrupt our children?

In North London a small minority of the local community is demanding that McDonalds takes down an ad on a railway bridge because, “they feel they don’t want their children exposed to advertising for McDonalds.” There’s no rational reasoning for this, if there was they’d see that McDonald’s food is way down the list of bad things a parent can give a kid.

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BBC launches Mr Riley’s meaty & sweety pie range

Those watching Mischief on BBC last night (Britain’s Really Disgusting Foods) hopefully weren’t eating their evening meal in front of the TV. Mr Riley’s Pies may well come packaged to look tasty but when you discover what’s in them, even given the marketing spin, they are not so appetizing.

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