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Why is TV beating digital in battle for FMCG ad spend?

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As reported on page 4 of the FMCG’s weekly publication, The Grocer, “TV beats web in battle for FMCG ad spend”, food and drink companies are slashing digital budgets to go back to TV. Why? Because, as the head of Premier Foods Gavin Darby recently declared, “it works”. As reported in Marketing, “We are unashamedly sticking with TV advertising and will not be shifting significant spend into digital channels.”

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Just because you know where I am, doesn’t mean I’m listening.

Here’s an interesting story that makes us step down from the ivory tower and take a real world look at proximity marketing.

Is marketing a science, an art or a faith?

What do you believe in? God, football, politics, vegetarianism, ethics… don’t say you don’t, we are all hard wired to believe in things. The trouble is, sometimes those beliefs deserve a little more open mindedness.

Mobile may be the next big thing but are we missing the elephant in the room?

Unilever’s chief marketing & communications officer, Keith Weed, identifying the potential of mobile for marketers at the Mobile World Congress but is he missing the 6 elephants in the room?

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