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In the Christmas ad war, as British retailers slug it out against German retailers Aldi and Lidl, has Sainsbury’s scored an own goal?

The new Sainsbury’s TV Xmas ad has split the nation. Beautifully shot, it’s a film not an ad. Some love it others think it’s exploiting the Great War just so out ego John Lewis. It’s had lots of complaints including people boycotting the supermarket. Is it a masterpiece or an own goal?

Learn to earn, the big debate.

Former M&S boss, Sir Stuart Rose, has been at the centre of a debate between a scheme to help young people into the workplace and a left wing group ‘Right to Work,’ who are complaining that big businesses offer to try and reduce unemployment is ‘slave labour.’ It’s a highly controversial subject….

What are the ads Mumsnet like the most and the least?

Mumsnet recently carried out a survey of its members about good and bad ads for the DMA’s ‘Why Women Shop on Venus & Men Shop on Mars’ conference. What came top was cute, but what came in at the bottom is a warning to any brand manager targeting women shoppers. Beware, your next big campaign may put more women off than turn them on.