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M&S proves that even good ads can’t sell a donkey.

While their food range is selling well, with like-for-like food sales growing 4%, their clothing range is in trouble with a 3.8% decline. So what’s Plan B?

Learn to earn, the big debate.

Former M&S boss, Sir Stuart Rose, has been at the centre of a debate between a scheme to help young people into the workplace and a left wing group ‘Right to Work,’ who are complaining that big businesses offer to try and reduce unemployment is ‘slave labour.’ It’s a highly controversial subject….

What are the ads Mumsnet like the most and the least?

Mumsnet recently carried out a survey of its members about good and bad ads for the DMA’s ‘Why Women Shop on Venus & Men Shop on Mars’ conference. What came top was cute, but what came in at the bottom is a warning to any brand manager targeting women shoppers. Beware, your next big campaign may put more women off than turn them on.

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