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What are the ads Mumsnet like the most and the least?

Mumsnet recently carried out a survey of its members about good and bad ads for the DMA’s ‘Why Women Shop on Venus & Men Shop on Mars’ conference. What came top was cute, but what came in at the bottom is a warning to any brand manager targeting women shoppers. Beware, your next big campaign may put more women off than turn them on.

Social media and ethics: Why is Mumsnet boycotting Nestlé?

With over a million members few brands can doubt the influence of Mumsnet. And when they decide to ask their members to boycott a product or brand, that’s a dangerous place to be for any company, especially Nestlé given their range of products are mainly bought by women. Especially serious as women are responsible for up to 85% of all consumer purchases and Mumsnet has over a million users with an estimated influence over 10 million through word of mouth alone.

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