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Faking it. The real cost of buying social media numbers.

No one would argue that there is not a lot of faking up of social media numbers going on. It’s simply too easy, too cheap and often too easy to get away with.

Is Channel 4’s portrayal of social media fraud a fair assessment?

Fascinating documentary on Channel 4 about corrupt social media. Dispatches – Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans. Chris Atkin’s goes undercover to discover what’s real and what’s fake in the new online social media world.

Justin Bieber’s faked up Twitter fans raises questions about Fakebook too.

The revelation that half of Bieber’s 37m Twitter fans are fakes comes as no surprise to many of us. We’ve all known for a long time you can buy fake Twitter and Facebook fans. The question is, how many brands are doing the same?

Don’t Blame Facebook

Last night’s Channel 4 programme, Don’t Blame Facebook’, on the downside of social media was both amusing and shocking – shocking in just how stupid most people on the programme were.

Tweet this and you may be surprised what kind of social media animal you are.


Social media as a phenomenon is successful because it satisfies a few basic human needs. We are all programmed to connect, to gossip, to show off our status to the pack and to want to know what everyone else is doing.

Read more on Tweet this and you may be surprised what kind of social media animal you are….

Forget consumer benefit, think community benefit.

Forget consumer benefit, think community benefit. It’s not about the self but about how we behave as a community that brands need to understand.

Advertising – it’s a bit of an animal.

Adland’s love of animals is also a powerful way to engage consumers.

10 Social Media Mistakes Brands Can Easily Make.

This isn’t the 10 tips to get it right but the 10 mistakes you can make as a brand. No doubt very debatable, and we’d all agree that if you hire top people/agencies you’ll not make these. But how often do companies opt for the wrong people? The problem is that every brand manager thinks they have to be in the Social Media space so rushes in and can easily get taken for a ride. However, the bigger brands now do know their stuff, so make less mistakes. But it’s still an over hyped area of marketing with few solid rules and a lot of unpredictability.

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