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As Organic sales decline, maybe they should learn a lesson from Fairtrade and keep it simple.

Things are not looking good for Organics with over 12% fall in volume and over 11% fall in sales last year, and this year’s performance is looking bad too with a 5.8% decline. So has Organic labeling failed? Can the Soil Association (through the Organic Trade Board) ‘Why I Love Organic’ PR, social media and advertising campaign reverse the slide?

Pervert Penguins save the planet

There are some amazing stories around and some that just make you laugh. None more than the case of the two environmental campaigners who dressed up as penguins and were seen as being potential paedophiles.

If you thought they were nuts, meet Telford Council!
This story comes straight out of the ‘Barmy Britain’ category. Telford & Wrekin Council have managed to reinforce the idea that people who become councillors are probably the last people on the earth who should be councillors. And certainly not let near children! They obviously have little else to do than panic.

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