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If you want to be a loved brand, engage with communities in the real world and learn to speak people to people (P2P).

Turning your brand into a loved brand is all about people to people, which is why I now advocate all clients drop the term B2C (along with that meaningless A,B,C1 definition) and replace it with P2P.

Tesco ventures into coffee shops and gets a roasting in Crouch End

Crouch End probably has more coffee shops than anywhere in London, if not Britain. There are over 30 places to get a real cup of coffee. So it is no surprise that Harris & Hoole, backed by Tesco, has opened their too.

In marketing forget green, think red.

Red is one of the most popular colours for logos (Argos, Nike, Illy, Brand Republic) and often used in advertising to draw the eye – how great would those Economist ads be if they’d used pink or purple?

Starbucks logo gets greener as does McDonald’s.

Starbucks logo gets greener as does McDonald’s. Love them or hate them, actually most of us love them both, these two giants brands are getting greener by the year. Me, I’m a big fan.

Unilever wins top green points, Starbucks benefits from Fairtrade split and Clonakilty is the world’s best black pudding.

Just how green are top brands? Who does the walk, not just the talk? Climate Counts Company Scorecard is a global league table which rates businesses on their environmental initiatives. CCCS scores the largest companies, by revenue, in 16 industry sectors on their actions to address climate change.

Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s Ergopsychonomics.

The ‘4th element’, technology, has transformed the marketing industry. It has given us another dimension to play with. But, putting digital aside (as that’s now old news) technology is now the key element we need to understand in 2012.

The buzz word of the moment is ‘ergopsychonomics’ – a mash up of ergonomics (how people interact with objects) with psychology, because much of what makes technology a hit or miss is more about how it interacts and engages our minds than anything else, the psychology of consumerism. Read more on Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s Ergopsychonomics….

Does MacDonald’s advertising corrupt our children?

In North London a small minority of the local community is demanding that McDonalds takes down an ad on a railway bridge because, “they feel they don’t want their children exposed to advertising for McDonalds.” There’s no rational reasoning for this, if there was they’d see that McDonald’s food is way down the list of bad things a parent can give a kid.

Read more on Does MacDonald’s advertising corrupt our children?…

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