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Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s Ergopsychonomics.

The ‘4th element’, technology, has transformed the marketing industry. It has given us another dimension to play with. But, putting digital aside (as that’s now old news) technology is now the key element we need to understand in 2012.

The buzz word of the moment is ‘ergopsychonomics’ – a mash up of ergonomics (how people interact with objects) with psychology, because much of what makes technology a hit or miss is more about how it interacts and engages our minds than anything else, the psychology of consumerism. Read more on Forget Behavioural Economics, now it’s Ergopsychonomics….

Steve Jobs dies

I’m sure everyone who values creativity and innovation will be saddened by the news that Steve Jobs has died. His vision and approached made Apple a world leader. He was one of the ‘crazy ones’. But he made a difference, because like the slogan Apple used for many years, he did THINK DIFFERENT.

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