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In the Christmas ad war, as British retailers slug it out against German retailers Aldi and Lidl, has Sainsbury’s scored an own goal?

The new Sainsbury’s TV Xmas ad has split the nation. Beautifully shot, it’s a film not an ad. Some love it others think it’s exploiting the Great War just so out ego John Lewis. It’s had lots of complaints including people boycotting the supermarket. Is it a masterpiece or an own goal?

If you want to be a loved brand, engage with communities in the real world and learn to speak people to people (P2P).

Turning your brand into a loved brand is all about people to people, which is why I now advocate all clients drop the term B2C (along with that meaningless A,B,C1 definition) and replace it with P2P.

Why is TV beating digital in battle for FMCG ad spend?

TV family

As reported on page 4 of the FMCG’s weekly publication, The Grocer, “TV beats web in battle for FMCG ad spend”, food and drink companies are slashing digital budgets to go back to TV. Why? Because, as the head of Premier Foods Gavin Darby recently declared, “it works”. As reported in Marketing, “We are unashamedly sticking with TV advertising and will not be shifting significant spend into digital channels.”

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Think horse meat in Tesco burgers is bad, try these… human meat sausages.

The ethics of food has been high up the agenda for a long while, and even though press coverage of incidents like this raises the awareness, it actually distracts from the bigger ethical issues that they are less interested in reporting.

“Honey, I think I’ve poisoned the kids.”

You’d expect most things you buy from a supermarket, especially Tesco, to be safe, wouldn’t you? So I am amazed that Tesco have not responded to a serious concern about them selling potentially poisonous wild mushrooms. Are they putting profits before people’s health and wellbeing?

Tesco ventures into coffee shops and gets a roasting in Crouch End

Crouch End probably has more coffee shops than anywhere in London, if not Britain. There are over 30 places to get a real cup of coffee. So it is no surprise that Harris & Hoole, backed by Tesco, has opened their too.

Big brands get responsible and sign up to calorie reductions.

As part of the government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal, seventeen companies, from snack foods to fast foods to soft drinks, have committed to reducing calories. More than three-quarters of the retail market have signed up….

Learn to earn, the big debate.

Former M&S boss, Sir Stuart Rose, has been at the centre of a debate between a scheme to help young people into the workplace and a left wing group ‘Right to Work,’ who are complaining that big businesses offer to try and reduce unemployment is ‘slave labour.’ It’s a highly controversial subject….

Should Facebook be more honest?

Does Facebook LIKES mean anything at all? With consumers using Facebook to complain, maybe it’s time Facebook introduced a dislike button.

The easy way to customer relationship management, not.

When you fly on a cheap airline you can expect to be
travelling cattle class but that doesn’t mean that brands like EasyJet and
Ryanair (especially given their profit warnings) can afford to treat customers
like cattle. In today’s consumer dominated marketplace and credit crunching
times, the customer may want cheap prices but still expects to be treated well.

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